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Ask your mum of her sexual history before calling any woman a prostitute – Singer, Annjay

Fast rising Nigerian singer, actress and entrepreneur, Angela Chioma John, who recently bagged the ambassadorial deal of a Chinese tech company, had wadded into the trend of Nigerian men calling women prostitutes over heated or flimsy argument.

In an Instagram post, the musician who is also a Hair and beauty product Merchant made her point clear by compelling men to ask their mothers of her sexual history before bashing another women.

“This video is for the Instagram jobless small boys. Those who always come on Social media to call every woman ‘Oloso’ ( prostitute ). Let me tell you, if your mother has never told you the whole truth about where she opened and closed her legs, homes she has broken, her sugar daddies history. How many abortions she has done, before she gave birth to you, her fully sexual history, Please don’t dare come on Social media to call any woman a prostitute.
You are free to talk, or comment freely on social media comment section, but be mindful of what you say to women. When ever you have any little argument, you call her prostitute, Please that has to stop,” she said.

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