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“No one is perfect” – Portable’s baby mama and actress Ashabi Simple tells trolls

Ashabi reacts as Portable drags her for not visiting him at the police station

Controversial singer Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable’s baby mama, and Yoruba actress Omobolarinde Akinyanju, otherwise known as Ashabi Simple, have spoken about their imperfections.

Ashabi Simple shared a video on her Instagram page where she spoke to her fans about not being perfect. The pregnant mother of one admonished her followers and trolls to tolerate and manage one another.

She also spoke about living according to one’s capability and minding one’s business.

She wrote, “Another day to remind you all that no one is perfect, we just have to tolerate & manage each other drink your water in peace if you can’t afford juice and mind your business.”

A few days ago, Ashabi Simple celebrated her 2nd anniversary with Portable. The happy baby mama prayed for wisdom and knowledge to continue in their imperfect love.

The mother of one publicly opened up about her love for Portable and made it known that she was not forced to choose the singer. She is grateful to have him in her life despite their imperfections.

Ashabi affirmatively declared how much she loves Portable, saying her feelings for him have been as strong as a rock that can’t be easily broken.

A few days before their 2nd anniversary, Portable slammed her while ranting online. He spilt about the actress expecting his second child and how she was trying to conceal it from the public.

The controversial personality claimed that Ashabi Simple called his wife to tell her that she would be stepping aside from her relationship with Portable, yet she is having his baby.

He bragged about how he had boosted her career and helped her get deals, even when he did not authorize them.

Portable also blasted her for travelling while pregnant, claiming he was not given earlier notice before her sponsored trip.

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