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As a virgin, I decided not to get married, have kids – Monalisa Stephen

Unlike every other average woman who would sometime in life get married and have kids, plus-sized model cum fashion designer Monalisa Stephen is not looking forward to those moments.

According to the under 30 fashion and lifestyle icon, she is not planning to get married or have kids.” I took that decision when I was 15 and still a virgin. I decided within myself not to marry or have my own kids. My womb is very okay and I am very fertile! I don’t even care what some haters are saying, that won’t make me crave for marriage.

However, if I meet someone who can understand me and is willing to accomplish my vision with me then fine, I might consider.

For now, I don’t have to marry a man to be with a man. Most people think it’s abnormal not to have your own flesh and blood and they think I took this decision because of my past relationship/heartbreak, but it is far from that,” she said in a recent interview.

She continued: “ I love children a lot. When I was a teenager I would volunteer to go Care Homes and work since I don’t have money to give them and till now I still do it. Not to blow my trumpet or anything I just love caring for children and I know how it feels not to have parents. I lost my dad when I was one and my mum some few years ago and it’s still affecting me. So, my decision not to have my own kids is due to my experience and the fact that there are millions of kids out there who deserve to be in a good family , who need to experience genuine family love and care. And I will not hesitate to give that chance to 2 kids , help them educationally, mentally and spiritually with the help and grace of God.
My relatives don’t have any impact on my decision. Did they take care of me? I am an orphan who hustles for myself, so my decision stands.”

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