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“Are you working before?” Netizens drag BBNaija Angel as she sets to attain ‘Sugar Baby’ status from working woman

BBNaija Angel

Big Brother Naija season 6, Shine Ya Eye finalist Angel Smith, simply known as Angel, has stirred trouble online as she reveals her intention to quit working.

Angel took to her Instagram story, where she shared a photo of herself in a bedroom accompanied by a short caption about her desires.

She doesn’t want to be a working woman; she wants to be pampered and catered for.

She wrote: I no longer want to be a working woman, I want to be a sugar baby.

Mixed reactions have been trailing this post as some shared Angel’s point of view, claiming they also want to be pampered, while others challenged the multi-brand ambassador over her source of income.

florencegabriel1281 wrote: Which work u dey do before I laugh in Swahili

mero5th: Like say no be your work since

nazzybellabenz wrote: independent woman don give up

nazzybellabenz wrote: independent woman don give up

A few months ago, Kemi Filani reported that Angel was heartbroken when she mourned her late lover, who died three years ago.

Angel, on Instagram, shared a video of her late lover goofing around, accompanied by a heartwarming letter detailing their beautiful moments.

Angel also delighted in the few years they spent together by recalling some fond memories still alive in her heart.

She wrote: It’s been three years without you, I’m 22 now, remember you used to call me small madam, guess I’m a big madam now. I will love you forever, and I will tell everyone about what a phenomenal human being you were, so much so that I couldn’t believe you ended up with me. I truly believe that you came into my life to show me that I could be loved; flawed and everything and your mere existence was fact that good people do exist; and I’ve never stopped believing.

I wonder if you’re still lactose intolerant up there? Not that you even cared; you consumed so much milk while complaining about your tummy hurting, I miss your jokes that were so unfunny I would laugh because of how dry they were, I miss mocking your British accent. All the love I have learnt; I learnt from you, you’re all 19 years old Angel knew, and I’m 22 now; you’re still all I’ve ever known. I would choose the pain over and over again because experiencing you is far greater than any pain i’d feel. I hope the Angels Carry you safely on their backs but knowing you, you’re probably one yourself, I hope there’s no milk there for you to feast on, although I’m sure your tummy won’t hurt anymore; you’re in a place where pain is a fiction of our human imagination, I hope they don’t give you time out for how loud you laugh, cause God knows you laughed so loudly it lit up a room, so full of life. You were so much more than my first love; you were my friend, my laughing partner, my comedian and most importantly Victor; you were you. You were nice and sweet and kind and you had 12 birthmarks; I know because I counted them that time you got so tipsy, you told me you loved me and I froze up, that was the first time you said it. Now I live not only for myself but for you, for my dreams as well as yours, for the echo of your laughter on a really bad day. My best friend, my Mayo boy, my first everything, you know it goes beyond the existence of time and even the confinements of infinity, I love you so much, keep resting and don’t be angry at me that I barely visit; If there’s one thing we both share in common; it’s that we’re both ghosts( I have laughed so hard at this joke; you’d have loved it.

your egghead Angel

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