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Are you sure heaven is your goals Fan slams Eva Alordiah for grabbing b**bs in video

Nigerian rapper cum entrepreneur, Eva Alordiah has sparked diverse reactions when she recently she shared a video of herself grabbing her boobs on Instagram.

Her action elicited various reactions from her fans on social media.

Eva wrote:” Guys! Apparently!!! I cannot talk about God because I talk about Sex. I hope its okay to grab my own boobs with my own hands? Should I be posting this on a Sunday?
Am I going to hell now?? I hope not”.

When a fan queried her for posting such a provocative video on a Sunday, Eva said:  ”Sex was created by God to be enjoyed by all of mankind. I love sex and will be having sex with my husband till I die”.

As expected Nigerians slammed her for sharing such a video.

@Itspryse wrote:” It’s the polite “Shalom” for me. 😂😂😂 Eva how dare you grab your own body in such a provocative way. Don’t you know how sexy you are? Leading God’s flock astray on a Sunday. For shame”.

@Rapsino wrote: ”You really touched that”?

@Tobeautifully wrote: “Are you sure heaven is your goal”?

@Mojisola_Akanni added:” Am I supposed to like this post on a Sunday?… won’t I go to hell fire too? You look amazing”.

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