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Actress Aolat suffers loss as she shares near death experience


Nollywood actress Aolat Ayonimofe has recounted her near death experience as she suffers loss in her business.

She shared a video of a car that rammed into her shop, exactly the spot where her sales representative did sit.

Aolat also mentioned that herself and her children sat in the same spot all through the previous day, only for a fan to inform her of the unfortunate incident.

She also talked about how she almost called her sales representative to resume the office earlier because they are running sales but her instinct warned her against such.

“All I have to say is thank you Lord
Because this is the same spot my sale’s representative use to sit
I wanted to call my sales rep to resume early because we are running sales but my instinct was against it so i didn’t call her, 15minutes later a fan called me that a car ran into my store…thereby destroying my store

No life was lost thank God

As yesterday me and my kids still sat at the same spot from morning till 5pm….

your orders might be delayed for now
But we will definitely deliver as soon as we are done renovating…thank you.”

Recall that in 2023, Aolat announced the arrival of her second child, a boy, who came after so many difficulties.

The now mother of two lamented her pains and struggle while waiting to have her child. She spoke about her still birth, miscarriage and how she nearly lost her bundle of joy because of a fibroid issue.

Aolat revealed that she went through the nine months journey in pains because she had a complication caused by fibroid and was mostly on bed rest.

She also spoke about her colleagues who were angry without understanding her pains, stating she tried reaching out to a few people who snubbed her.

However she rejoiced having her son King Praise with her. In an extensive Instagram note, Aolat wrote;

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