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Another Funke Akindele’s former worker spills shocking details about her hostile behaviour to her workers

Unilag Olodo talks about Funke Akindele
Unilag Olodo talks about Funke Akindele

Popular social media guru, Ibrahim Salawu also known as Unilag Olodo has revealed shocking details about Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele’s hostile behaviour to her workers. Contrary to the claim that Funke does not treat her workers well, Ibrahim who use to work for the veteran actress, in a lengthy post explained she kind of person and why she is perceived as hostile my some people.

According to Unilag Olodo, Funke Akindele is not an Angel neither is she perfect but one thing he is sure of is that the mother of two does not entertain laziness and any lazy person will not like her.

Read all he said below;

“FunkeAkindele is far from an angel, here’s my personal encounter with her and why I am sick of what the average Nigerian youth is becoming. This morning I was having a conversation with some friends when the topic of Funke Akindele came up and I was crushed by their comments about her from what they heard on social media. They had no idea I had a personal relationship with her and when I asked questions about how they got their minds set against someone they knew nothing about they went mute. This celebrity life sometimes is a gift and a curse.

I was amazed at how noise on social media is capable of swaying the minds of seemingly reasonable people after hearing just one person’s account of a story. Social media is an amazing tool with infinite opportunity to impact lives positively and open up minds to endless possibilities, but today it is being weaponised, used to destroy people’s reputation and livelihood – ‘all this for a drop of clout?’.

Until you fall victim of this extremely illogical mob justice carried out on social media today, you won’t understand how senseless and horrible it is. How do you expend so much energy casting judgement on social media, just to appear morally sound off one-sided accounts? Ironic, isn’t it?

One of the first things I learnt was the importance of listening and analysing both sides of the story before having an opinion and making judgement. I thought that was basic knowledge for every adult, apparently not.

Life is hard, funds are scarce and the government keeps dropping policies that don’t favour the masses, and this in my opinion has to be the only logical reason why people are so bitter and angry, ready to lend their voice to the destruction of whoever happens to be their victim for that day. This crab in a barrel mentality needs to be checked.

Yes, everybody loves the classic US versus THEM scenario. We feel weak so the moment we’re presented with a David & Goliath story, everybody is eager to whip out their slingshot. It’s just sad that we believe we are wise, yet we still operate on the ‘person wey cry pass na him dey innocent’ level. Anyway, before I spend the entire day lamenting about the sorry mindset of my peers, let me share my experience working for Funke Akindele.

In 2017, I worked as her PR lead at Scene One Productions. It was a 9-5 job which also had me visiting her home more often than I expected. I was shocked at how she was almost nothing like her social media personality the moment work was involved.

Funke Akindele is one of the most focused, driven, and hardworking person you’ll ever meet! From non-stop rehearsals, writing and reviewing scripts, auditioning new actors and spending so much time on shoots with her co-stars, I realised why she is one of the most successful actors and businessperson in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

During my time shuffling between her office and her house, I saw exactly how she treated her office and domestic staff. The part of her you got was greatly dependent on your attitude to work. She is hands-on and very intimidating; if you were unsure of the role you had to play on her team or just incompetent, you definitely would hate her. One simply does not build an empire by joking around when it’s time to work.

Conversely, the way she treated those who did their job well, especially the cooks, cleaners and her entire domestic staff would leave you thinking she was their mother. She joked around with them, allowed freedom to express themselves and created an enabling environment, at the same time, she wouldn’t hesitate to scold anyone who misbehaved.

I read tweets of people talking about how mean and insensitive she was and all I could see from my experience with her was the fact that those people were most likely just lazy. Nigerian youths hate to be called lazy, but we are always looking for shortcuts and free meals, just look at how youths and even celebrities are defending fraudsters and justifying fraud on social media today.”

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