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“I am not asking my sister for money, all I want is for her to pay for all my hardwork because she is manipulative”, Annie Idibia’s elder brother, Wisdom Macaulay cries out

Wisdom Macaulay drags Annie for unpaid debt

The eldest brother of Nollywood actress Annie Idibia, Wisdom Macaulay has refuted claims that he is feeling entitled to the actress’s money.

He stated that he was only demanding to be paid for all the services he rendered to the actress and her brand.

According to him, he spent sleepless nights working for Annie’s children’s brand, Belvia Kids, which he designed and wasn’t paid for it.

Wisdom Macaulay claimed that Annie was manipulating him and milking him off.

He added that his sister doesn’t want him to stand on his feat but to continue begging him for money.

“Hello Nigerians goodmorning. I want to clear something that is actually going on out there. I’m not begging Annie to pay me what I didn’t work for. I am not begging anyone for money. I just want her to pay me for everything I have worked for Evey efforts I have put in building her career based on the promises she made to me as a younger sister. The whole of last year, I spent months working for Annie on her children’s brand, I was the one who designed it, I spent sleepless nights at Yaba with different tailors to sew those things and I wasn’t paid for it. She made many promises to me which she didn’t fulfill and once I do one thing, she would say she is done and I would have to beg her.

Towards last year, she gave me a managing job, and then because I wasn’t around for one week, she took everything away from me.

Put yourself in my shoes, after working with someone for years based on the promises they have you that she is your sister and at the end didn’t fulfill it and took everything she has given you away.

Annie is manipulative, she doesn’t want me to stand on my own, she wants me to beg her and cry to her, every single opportunity she would tell me my kids and I would suffer, I want her to pay me for designing her children’s brand, Belvia Kids”.


Kemi Filani news recalls Wisdom Macaulay accused Annie of threatening his life and taking away his means of livelihood.

According to him, since he has been working with the actress, she would never pay him his dues, and would rather prefer to send him N20,000 or N30,000 and turn him to her slave.

Wisdom claimed that Annie is a violent person and does erratic things whenever she is angry.

He further claimed that the actress introduced him to drugs as she is a drug addict.



  1. Ewai

    March 31, 2022 at 7:53 pm

    My brother, you’re a jealous and selfish person you actually sounds like a very frustrated human being… You are not wise for bringing your family issues here no matter what happens. Your would have been so disappointed seeing squeezed your own blood that hard. Abi u want emulate PSQARE? BE WISE.

  2. Lipstick 1

    April 2, 2022 at 5:51 pm

    This guy is the biggest idiot I have seen in this life.This is his sister o.

    God abeg kill this kind family member for me.Na im be say if Annie killed a human being in her quest to get to the top,this fool will expose her.See as him be like drug addict

  3. Neon

    April 5, 2022 at 9:23 pm

    If you feel you are being manipulated, why not thank your star for bringing it to your knowledge and device a means to stay of your manipulator… @Wisdom
    … Secondary to Annie, he is your brother no reach for agreement… If truly you owe him why not pay and have peace if you have if otherwise explain to him and calm him down he is a human too…

    … Except you both are on stage for the crowd 🤷‍♀️

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