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“All my fears was solved” Annie Idibia pens teary-eyed note to Tobi Adegboyega for going extra miles for Isabella

Annie Idibia appreciates Tobi Adegboyega

Nollywood actress Annie Idibia has penned a teary-eyed note to celebrity pastor, Tobi Adegboyega over the extra miles he went for her daughter, Isabella Idibia.

Kemi Filani news reported days back that the first child of the actress had gotten admission to study abroad.

Annie had shared clips on her Instagram story of her escorting her daughter to the airport.

The actress revealed in a lengthy post on her Instagram story that neither her nor 2baba could drop their daughter in her school as her passport was stucked in the UK embassy.

Annie disclosed that Isabella had missed almost 2weeks after all the online admission, fees and others.


However, just one phone call and all her fears of her daughter losing her spot and missing so many classes in school was solved.

Celebrity pastor, Tobi Adegboyega helped her and 2baba out and took her daughter to school.

“My heart is filled with soooooo much joy, my heart is smiling n dancing at the same time….

@tobiadegboyega took d whole crew to drop off my sunshine ooooo. @tobiadegboyega Rare human my daughter’s guardian…. May the universe continue be in your favor… Thank you so much for standing for Innocent and I.. Was soooooooo worried about dropping off my child… My passport was stuck in the UK embassy (No bi me Kee dia Queen na) Daddy’s own was stuck in another embassy. My kid had already miss almost 2weeks after all the online admission, fees etc.. Just one phone call.. And all my fears of my daughter losing her spot/missing so many classes in school was solve!?? PT..in his words Annie please go sleep n u need to stop worrying… Isabel is my daughter, don’t worry about anything at all…. Just put my kid on the next flight to London n leave her rest.

Everyone definitely needs a friend like @dcogoloma in their corner…so caring, always always there for me regardless… An all round amazing human gosh did I stressed the hell out of His life in last 4 weeks. Thank you for being a strong support system, friend and brother all in one.

I am soooo excited guys… Isabel worked sooooooooooo hard for this!!! She literally did all the applications, zoom…. Interviews all on her own. I am so proud of her. My first seed… My good luck charm…my sunshine @officialisabelidibia yassss girl!! You deserve this, and soooo much more. I will go n bring you the moon if I have to.. for you…I will risk it all @officialisabelidibia2. Thanks baby @official2baba we love you”.

Isabella Idibia gains admission overseas

Recall that Annie Macaulay Idibia had compared her first daughter, Isabella Idibia with boys, as she left the country.

Accompanying her daughter to the airport, Annie Idibia shared a powerful advice to her.

The proud mother of two described her 13-years-old as 10boys in one.

Annie revealed that most times, she feels like she don’t deserve her.

Expressing how proud she is of her, she advised her to never allow the cruel world take away all the love she has inside.

“@officialisabelidibia2 my sunshine. Most times I feel like I don’t deserve you —+ so blessed to have you call me mama!!! It’s hard to let you goooo..but can’t be selfish!!! Your dreams r valid. I am soooooo proud of you! 10boys in one angelic, sweet, humble, innocent, brilliant n determined young lady!!! 13 going on 30 with so much love in ur heart. My good luck charm sunshine”.

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