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“You all should bathe well and spray deodorant” – Anita Joseph fumes as her whole system gets messed up

Anita Joseph urges people to use deodorant

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has lashed out at those people who are fond of not bathing well and using deodorant.

Taking to her Instagram page, she revealed that her whole system has been messed up as she admonished people to bathe well and spray deodorant.

Anita stated that those people who don’t use deodorant would go to hell for tormenting people as she expressed how angry she is.

“My whole system is messed up.
Blood of Jesus, make una dey baf well and spray deodorant bf
Perfumes biko biko na unu adaro apu ala.

You will go to hell for tormenting people with this Ushii.
Afo ana a chi ya’lim.
I’m very angry shallom”.

Anita Joseph urges people to use deodorant

Days back, skitmaker and content creator Sabinus, had advocated for the use of perfume.

He noted how the government said Nigerians shouldn’t spray money and not perfume. The skitmaker noted how people don’t use perfume or body spray these days, nor do they shave their armpits. Questioning what is wrong, he noted how some people smell like Onions as he lamented over how he has perceived all kinds of odours while outside.

Months back, Popular actor Fredrick Leonard had written an open letter to his colleagues in the movie industry, expressing his concerns about hygiene on set.

He urged everyone involved in movie production, from the cast to the crew, to use deodorants to avoid unpleasant odours and emphasised the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene.

Similarly, Afrobeat singer Adekunle Gold issued a very public plea to netizens, pleading with netizens to please apply deodorant.

He further stated that they should make sure that before they leave their houses, knowing that they are going to mingle with other people, they are intentional about smelling nice.

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