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“White defines me” Anita Joseph speaks out after Angela Okorie dragged her for being useless

Anita Joseph says white defines her

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has indirectly replied her colleague, Angela Okorie for calling her useless.

Hours ago, Angela Okorie had shared a photo of Anita Joseph, as she dragged the movie star into her feud with her best friend, Uche Elendu.

Angela called Anita the most useless of them all, however, she stated that Anita’s husband, MC Fish is a good guy.

The movie star, who has beef to settle with her colleagues, vowed to use any of her colleagues, who interfere in her beef with Uche, as a scapegoat.

“Ah, I see people calling this one Okuku.
This one is the most useless of them all but her husband is a good guy. Anybody wey talk nonsense I go use you as a scapegoat”.

Reacting to it, Anita re-shared the photo of her, which Angela Okorie shared on her Instagram page.

Describing the pictures as fire, Anita made it known that white defines her.

“This pic is 🔥🔥.
White defines me Shallom”.

Anita Joseph says white defines her

Angela Okorie slams Uche Elendu for new age fraud

The whole drama started after Uche Elendu glamorously marked her 40th birthday on Friday and Angela Okorie was having non of it regarding the age claim.

In a deleted comment, Angela Okorie slammed Uche for lying about her age when she is actually 50 years old.

Angela Okorie prayed that the evil done by her colleague will continue to follow her till death.

They are thieves and destiny killers – Angela Okorie drags blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus and Uche Elendu

In another post, Angela Okorie dragged blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus into the drama.

Taking to her Instagram page to body shame the blogger, who she referred to as ugly, Angela called her a murderer.

She claimed that the blogger and Uche Elendu are thieves and destiny killers.

Angela accused her fans to run for their lives when they see them.

“This ugly idiot is a murderer. She and Uche Elendu are thieves. Destiny Killers. Run for your lives when you see this thing”.

In a follow-up post, Angela Okorie dared Uche Elendu to go on Instagram live without makeup.

“Tell this idiot to come on live with no make-up. Native doctor I dey come I go even drag that one wey dey husband house dey fuck anything”.

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