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Anita Joseph says powerful prayer for May Edochie and her family

Anita Joseph prays for May Edochie

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has said a word of prayer for May Edochie and her family.

The mother of three, who is still grieving the loss of her first son, is yet to come back to the social scene.

Remembering her, Anita stated that she has been upholding Annie and her family in prayers.

Praying for her strength to be renewed and her faith to be stronger, she expressed gratitude to those who have been bombarding May with love and prayers.

“My baby my Ambassador My Queen @mayyuledochie Upholding you and your family in prayer”. May your strength be renewed and your faith be stronger Amen Shalom. The overwhelming Love you all have shown haaa. Thank you all for the prayers Shallom”.

Anita Joseph prays for May Edochie

Anita Joseph isn’t the only one showing her unwavering support for May.

Rita Edochie assures May Edochie of her support

Nollywood actress and sister-in-law to Pete Edochie, Rita Edochie had assured May of her support.

Taking to her Instagram page, Rita Edochie assured May that she is strongly with her both spiritually and physically.

Assuring her not to fear, she noted how May is the strong one among the three.

“My darling daughter Queen May, no shaking. You are the strong woman here.
I am with you both in spirit and physically 24/7. No Fear”.

Joyce Kalu says a powerful prayer for May Edochie

Also, Joyce Kalu had said a word of prayer for May Yul Edochie, the estranged wife of actor, Yul Edochie.

Amidst rumors of the couple’s divorce, Joyce Kalu took to her Instagram page to show support for her.

Describing her as a light and blessed woman, she noted how there is an expiry date for every ungodly move.

The veteran affirmed that May would always be in her prayers as she pointed out how there is a time when one needs to understand that one need to make a divine decision to protect her mental health.

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