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Anita Joseph reacts as fans of May Edochie set to open GoFundMe for her, offers them advice

Anita Joseph advises May Edochie's fans against opening a GoFundMe

Nollywood actress and businesswoman Anita Joseph has reacted to the report of fans of May Edochie, the estranged wife of Yul Edochie opening a GoFundMe for her.

Kemi Filani reported a day back that while slamming Yvonne Jegede for defending Yul Edochie for marrying a second wife, May’s lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye, revealed that Yul doesn’t pay child support or his children’s school fees and that May takes care of their three children. He alleged that the actor told his daughter to meet her mother for her financial needs since she was making more money than him.

Following the news, fans and lovers of the entrepreneur called for a GoFundMe account to be opened for her to pay her children’s school fees.

Reacting to it, Anita Joseph advised them to buy May’s products and put her in their prayers. She noted how, in future, many of them would use it against her, saying they contributed to pay her children’s school fees.

“Just buy her products and put her in your prayers, pls that enough Biko nu. Because ndi Instagram tomorrow now, some will say na so they help pay school fees biko nu Dalu shallom”.

Anita Joseph advises May Edochie's fans against opening a GoFundMe

A few days back, May was seen emotionally sharing her struggles and sacrifices she made, which had all become in vain. She revealed that, at some point, the world had expected her to wallow in self-pity, but she had to pick herself back up.

She further revealed that she used to run multiple businesses, but they all went down. However, she did not get to complete it as she became choked up with tears.

It is no longer news that Yul married his colleague, Judy, which led to his crashed marriage with his wife and the mother of his four kids, May Edochie. Following his second marriage, May filed for divorce from him, demanding N100 million from Judy, and had also filed a restraining order denying him access to their former marital home and gotten full custody of the kids.

A month back, May’s lawyer revealed that Yul’s lawyer was not in court for their recent divorce hearing despite the actor being present. He stated that his lawyer wrote a letter to the court stating that he was unwell and couldn’t attend.

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