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‘If you’re waiting for us to sink, you shall sink first’ Actress Anita Joseph prays for those waiting for her marriage to crash

Anita Joseph and husband mc fish

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has sent a powerful prayer to those waiting for her marriage with her husband MC Fish to crash.

For some time now, Anita Joseph and her husband have been in the news and criticised for showing their bedroom moment on social media.

Taking to her Instagram page, Anita Joseph shared a photo of herself and her husband, reminiscing on the first day they met each other.

Anita Joseph said it all started with the phrase, let us be friends, and the rest became history; hence those waiting for them to sink will sink first.

In her words: 2017 June 8 the ist Day I met @realmcfish
I say ahhhhh Hype man
MC kwa Fish hiaaaa
Ok let’s be friends ist and now I’m here
And now I’m lying in your bed

My hubby will say celeb chai and he wil spank my bum anyhow I like it oh don’t tell him

For you waiting for us to sink Listen you shall sink ist
Na oburo so’unu unu na apu ala kpichicom
….. forever to go my LLL

To be continued all Una ears eyes don open wetin u wan hear chelu nu

Kemi Filani News recall MC Fish, in a recent interview said most female celebrities cannot be as submissive as his wife, Anita Joseph.

Speaking in a chat with Saturday Beats, he said: “I can’t just mention one but a few things. My wife is a homemaker. She respects me in the home, and I can categorically say most celebs cannot even do what she does for me in the house. They can’t be as submissive as Anita Joseph is to me.

To top it up, she’s a friend and a good companion. She understands her responsibilities as a wife. The most beautiful quality is that she makes me laugh, even when I am angry.

Reacting to the intimate video Anita Joseph shared of both of them on her instagram page ,MC Fish said “A lot of the people that criticized that video deep down really need love, and the sad part is they have no one showing them love. People should be able to express themselves in whichever way they please, especially if they are married.

The truth is that Nigerians like to escape from the reality facing them. Off all the problems in this country, is it the love I’m showing to my wife that people have issues with? Nigerians should learn to face the current issues which we have, including poor electricity supply, insecurity, hunger and poverty.”

Anita JOSEPH AND husband
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