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“Why doesn’t he post his wife enough for it to be known” – Davido’s alleged ex, Anita Brown reacts to his latest scandal, slams those dragging Bonita Maria

Anita Brown reacts to Davido's scandal with Bonita Maria

Anita Brown, the alleged ex of singer, Davido has weighed into his latest cheating scandal.

Kemi Filani reported hours ago that US model, Bonita Maria had sparked rumors of being the singer’s new side chick after an intimate photo of them leaked online. In the photo, Davido could be seen wrapping his arms around her neck as they posed for the camera.

Addressing the viral photo, Bonita had shared a video of Davido passionately begging over her as she slammed Nigerians for dragging her. She stated that she had never had anything to do with Davido, nor as she set her eyes on him but was only trolling with the crying video of him.

Reacting, Anita slammed those dragging the US model as she noted how not everyone knows Davido is a married man. She pointed out how the singer doesn’t post his wedding, new babies, or Chioma enough for people to know that he is married.

Telling them to stop coming for the ladies, she told the singer to put some more emphasis on his wife as that is what respectable husbands do.

“Y’all gotta stop acting like everybody knows that man is married. It’s so many people in America. Never heard of him until his techy album or because of drama. He doesn’t even post his wife. Celebs like clout, why does that man never post his wedding & his new babies or post his wife enough for it to be known? Y’all gotta stop coming for these females, it’s getting old. Put some more emphasis on your wife, that’s what real respectable husbands do”.

ENOUGH! THE POPULARITY IS NOT AS STRONG IN THE USA. Y’all Gotta Chill Every Girl Attached To That Guy Y’all Try To Come For. Weirdo Couples, Don’t Post On Her Real Page But On Another Page, To Make It Seem People Are Interested. Those Videos Are Getting Caught By Others. WEIRDOS! Every Girl Doesn’t Dig Into Every Guy Before They Deal With Them. THE MOST WE LOOKING UP IS THAT NETWORTH! KILL THE WIFE NARRATIVE!!”.

Anita Brown reacts to Davido's scandal with Bonita Maria

Last year, several women came out to share their sexual encounters with the singer, who was supposed to be grieving his late son.

Anita Brown who was the most popular of the women who called him out, accused the singer of impregnating her.

She alleged that she met Davido in Dubai, in 2017 and that it was never a one-night stand, as she shared screenshots of their purported love messages, alongside a pregnancy video. To further prove her allegations, she shared a video of her backstage while the singer sang at one of his shows in September 2018.

She went on to launch several attacks on his wife, Chioma, calling her a walking doormat, and even went as far as launching a campaign for Chioma calling for her freedom, claiming Chioma was in a tox!c relationship and needed to be saved.

However, the swimwear entrepreneur finally came clean about her pregnancy status, announcing that she wasn’t pregnant and had tendered an apology to Chioma.

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