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“You wouldn’t have married Chioma if your son didn’t die, you used him as sacrifice” Anita Brown spills more dirt on Davido

Anita Brown Instagram Davido's spouse

Award-winning singer, Davido’s incoming baby mama, Anita Brown isn’t done dragging the singer.

In a new series of tweets, Anita questioned if Davido would have married Chioma, if not for their son’s death.

She stated that the singer always gets bad luck because he is the devil and he sacrificed his son for rituals.

Anita noted how despite his son’s death, Davido was having sex with a bunch of different women and was demanding the intercourse be raw.

She slammed those who look up to Davido as a role model, as she slammed the singer for being an irresponsible father, hence why his son died.

The entrepreneur alleged that Davido called Chioma man!c and questioned if she was supposed to feel sympathy for the singer.

“That’s why u git bad kick and bad shut keep happening with you. You are the DEVIL! Your entire existence.

You should be ashamed. You’re dirty actually, and placing blame on women is even worse.

Anita Brown slams Davido

Would u have married if your child didn’t die? Your child passing warrants you to have sex with a bunch of different women raw, but we have to respect that your child passed away almost a year ago and that u have a newlywed.

Her baby died months ago, and you call her man!c to the girl you’re sleeping with?? But I’m supposed to feel sympathy? This is the person y’all look up to? Same man that said Chioma was man!c right now. Talk about empowering women”.

In another rant, Anita questioned if Davido and Chioma really mourned their son as she accused them of sacrificing the child.

“Did y’all really mourn y’all baby or y’all his hoped back in bed to have another one to get over the foul shit y’all let happen?

The higher you climb, the harder you fall. Evil ass Nigerians. Sacrificing babies and shit. I would never want parts in no demonic culture”.

Anita Brown made the public know that she isn’t interested in being Davido’s wife as she doesn’t want to contract HIV or AIDS.

“I do not want that spot, I do not want to be wife. I do not want no man bringing me AIDS or HIV & calling it marriage.

It was never ” My wife would feel this way, I can’t do this. I need to be a supportive husband.
It was always my baby just died. Gotta let it die down! Manipulator, devil, evil!!! Y’all are Al going to HELL”.

Anita Brown questions if Davido would have married Chioma
Anita Brown questions if Davido would have married Chioma
Anita Brown questions if Davido would have married Chioma
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