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“His wife, Chioma had abortions before they had a son” Anita Brown drops bombshell revelation

Anita Brown claims Chioma had abortions for Davido

US-based entrepreneur, Anita Brown has many social media stunned with her bombshell revelation about Davido’s wife, Chioma.

In her series on rants, Anita Brown alleged that Davido forced Chioma to have a series of abortions before they welcomed their son, Ifeanyi, who is now dead.

Addressing those who trolled her for being an OnlyFans star, she reminded them that their favorite singer was having sexual intercourse with her weeks back and enjoyed it.

She told his fans to ask him how she taste as she claimed that her relationship with Davido was never secret. According to her, their affair was open and she was been courted by the singer.

“Ask him how I taste, this same coochi y’all saw online was getting eaten just a few weeks ago. Ass too”.

Anita Brown vowed to start accepting interviews to spill more about Davido’s philandering.

She claimed that he was constantly forcing women to get abortions for him and would blame it on his dead child.

“Y’all keep playing with me. I’d start accepting these interviews I’m being asked to do!
That’s my next step!
Talk about what a womanizer that man is. Getting all these diff women pregnant. Trying to convince everyone to have an abortion and blaming it on his dead child.

I can see why he loves abortion, his wife had a few of them before they finally got a son. Fucking evil ass people. From the time I knew you, you have been having females calling about babies and abortion. Dirt Bag! I could never!

Posting OnlyFans from years ago that Coochi didn’t look too bad. That your face was in it. When u kiss your pls. Ask them how I taste. Coochi and anus. Oh damn. I swear they diss you with the same mouth they kiss your Ass with”.

Anita Brown claims Chioma had abortions for Davido
Anita Brown claims Chioma had abortions for Davido

This isn’t the first revelation Anita Brown has spilled about Chioma.

“I didn’t know Chioma is pregnant” Anita Brown discloses

While sending a message to Chioma, she revealed that she is pregnant.

Anita confirmed that the Chef is expecting her second child with the singer, almost 8 months after her first child’s death.

In a video that made rounds, Anita confirmed that Chioma is heavy as she sent a message to the singer’s wife.

Anita claimed that she was unaware that Chioma is pregnant and can’t imagine putting her through stress.

“I don’t know Chioma is pregnant, and she shouldn’t be going through this. I don’t wish her bad”.

Elsewhere in her message, she also claimed that she never knew Davido was married.

In a video captured online, Anita made Chioma know that she doesn’t want the singer.

Wishing her well, she added that she isn’t that type of lady as she is god-fearing.

Anita Brown shades Chioma

In a surprising twist, Anita went on to shade Chioma, referring to her as a walking doormat.

While responding to trolls insinuating she wants to be the new Mrs. Adeleke, Anita Brown made them know that she isn’t thinking of settling down now.

She pointed out how she is only 29 and deserves to enjoy life to the fullest.

Shading Chioma, she questioned why she would get married and end up sitting in the house with a baby and getting cheated on.

Calling the trolls delusional, Anita Brown added that she isn’t a walking doormat as she has a hectic work schedule and lives a big lifestyle.

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