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Angry Nigerians react to Pope Francis’ reaction to Owo Church massacre

Angry Nigerians react to Pope Francis’ reaction to Owo Church massacre

Pope Francis’ reaction to the brutal killing of Christians in Saint Francis church Owo, Ondo State, has once again aroused the anger of Nigerians.

Pope Francis, via his official, verified Twitter, expressed sadness over the horrific attack that left many orphaned, fatherless or motherless and some without any family.

Pope condoled with the bereaved’s family and urged everyone to pray together for the conversion of ‘those blinded by hatred and violence’.

He tweeted: I was deeply saddened to learn of the horrific attack at Saint Francis church in Owo in #Nigeria. #PrayTogether for all those affected by this act of unspeakable violence and for the conversion of those blinded by hatred and violence.

Angry reactions have been trailing this development as Nigerians refused to acknowledge the Pope’s thoughts on prayers for the country and those perpetrating the evil attacks.

Many believed the Pope’s thoughts on the conversion of ‘those blinded by hatred and violence is a waste of time, and the recent happenings are a result of the bad governance in the country.

Many called for actions to be taken, while some opted for revenge and separation.

Kemi Filani recalls that entertainment celebrities in Nigeria lamented Nigeria’s sorry state, which keeps getting worse.

Many mourned the bereaved, while others called for action by the citizens in getting their permanent voters’ cards ready for the 2023 general elections.

Actress Regina Chukwu was among the many heartbroken celebrities about the Owo shooting incident. The mother of one challenged her colleagues who have been bought over by greed to a physical attack.

She wrote: “If you go beat me, I go chop the beating in peace but your body go hear am too

Enough of all this non^ense!
Enough of all the greed
Enough of all your insensitive actions towards Nigerians

Yall are only concern abt the token they give you ( I dont care even if it runs in millions, it’s still a misery sum compared to the lives of our people)

Since you people have been collecting this money, what changed has happened to your life???? (Koka,kola no ni) it time to try a different approach.

It’s time to look out for the future of our children
It’s time to get serious for ONCE!
It’s not making any sense!.

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