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Reality tv star Angel Smith berates her fans for not wishing her a happy Mother’s Day

Angel smith happy Mother’s Day

Reality TV star Angel Smith has berated her fans and followers on the X-Platform for not wishing her a happy Mother’s Day. 

Taking to the X-Platform, she revealed that they should have wished her a happy birthday, hinting at the fact that she was a mother to the cat which she shares with actor and reality tv star Soma Apex. 

In her words, she revealed, 

“You all will not wish me a happy Mother’s Day. It’s taking care of Stormi a joke to you all.”

Also, a few hours ago, before this tweet, she had expressed that she loved how she was not so serious with life all the time. 

She stated how tough her life would have been if she was not serious all the time. She also told her fans and followers that she was tweeting this statement from the church. 

A few hours ago, Kemi Filani had reported that Angel Smith had advised her fans and followers to go back to their favourite ex. 

The reality TV star had advised singles to return to their exes as she gave her reason. She noted that life was too short to be beefing with their exes.

However, she revealed that if your ex is cancer or a Libra, then it’s best you go back to bed instead of going back to them. 

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