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“My family has done nothing to deserve the constant ridicule, don’t push me” BBNaija’s Angel Smith blows hot

BBNaija Angel

Former Big Brother Naija ‘shine ya eyes’ finalist, Angel JB Smith has blown hot at an unknown blogger for spreading false rumours about her.

The reality star noted how the blogger had body shamed her severally and now was fueling rumours that she went for BBL.

Taking to her Instagram story, Angel Smith in a series of posts lashed out at them for always subjecting her to trollings and hate.

She warned the blogger to desist from ridiculing her family as she doesn’t want to be pushed to the wall.

Angel Smith threatened to take legal action against the blog if they failed to desist from the false rumours and lies.

“Truth icon, you and all your followers are so sick in the head, it’s like you’ve forgotten that you have internet footprint and that your IP address as well as all your other information can be traced back to you, don’t be dumb. You have bullied my family consistently while peddling ridiculous lies even in my absence. The body that y’all have constantly shamed is now the body you want to link to bbl, you wish your words were that powerful, if you think your heads are strong, mine is stronger.

“Continue reveling in what you think is power, meanwhile you’re just a miserabi* married woman, clearly something is lacking is your home and keep playing, one day I will post your information on the internet for everyone to see. Keep playing, you must think your words are that powerful, they mean nothing, not to me nor my body image. You wish I got surgery done so bad, for an I got you moment that will never happen. I am secure in myself, something that you in your marital home is lacking.

“Even in my absence, I have been gone for six days but I understand that your blogs runs solely on having something terrible to say about me, let’s see the numbers you pull without my name. At the end of the day your followers will laugh and what next? You’ll be back to your miserable life. This is the only response you’ll get from me ever again, take it as me helping your life, I clearly give you joy. Leave my family’s make out of your rubbish, they’ve done nothing to deserve the constant ridicule don’t push me, you do not want me to get angry because I can fight both legally and spiritually. Keep trying me”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Angel JB Smith had revealed the reason she regrets taking part in the BBN reality show.

During a podcast session with Temisan Emmanuel, the reality star stated that dealing with trolls, been misunderstood and fan war made her regret participating in BBNAIJA show.

Angel Smith blows hot
Angel Smith blows hot

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1 Comment

  1. Okoye Amarachi

    June 2, 2022 at 7:34 am

    Close your mouth for once kai

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