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Andy Ruiz father reacts to son’s defeat to Anthony Joshua

Andy Ruiz father is frustrated over his son’s heavyweight defeat to Anthony Joshua and has wasted no time in slaming his son

According to him, Andy Ruiz Jnr lost the match owing to an increase in body weight which he had predicted and warned him about

Speaking to Boxing Social, the aggreived father said;

“Andy thought he was going to do good in the weight in the fight,” “I told him a month ago that ‘you’re not going to do good at the weight. It’s going to be too hard, because you’re going to be tired, and you’re not going to have the movement’. “He came overweight, that was the problem. It was too much weight for his body. He weighed 282. Plus after he eats, he was almost 290-something. “There was no way he was going to do something good, so now he’s learned his lesson and now he’s going to come back. “All the fights that he’s done in his career, he was 255, 257, 246. The last time he fought, he was at 268, and he felt comfortable, but I told him, ‘You have to lose weight’, but at that time, we didn’t have enough time to lose weight. That’s why he fought at that weight. “He was not listening because of the fame. He was with a Rolls Royce, he was with his friends, he was throwing parties, and not listening to the camp. “I don’t think nothing about AJ. He’s a good boxer and a great person. We love AJ, and he deserved this night to win. But Andy, he didn’t do the right things, that’s what happened.”

It may be recalled that on Saturday, December 7,  Anthony Joshua reclaimed the world heavyweight championship in Saudi Arabia by handsomely defeating Andy Ruiz Jr over 12 rounds, clawing back the IBF, WBA and WBO titles.

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