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“All the money they promised me are fake, my dad still rides okada” – Internet sensation, Success (video)

Success Adegor

Remember Success Adegor? The little school girl who instantly became an internet phenomenon following a video of her ranting at her school over her dismissal because of school.

Success Adegor has resurfaced on social media but this time, after having vowed their support for her after her emotional story, she has called out all those who agreed to help her with her schooling.

The little one has disproved the claims that her life has changed tremendously after people pledged support her but she is now stating that her life hasn’t changed since.

According to Success Adegor, all the claims that people made to her were lies and ‘audio money’ stating that her dad is still riding a motorcycle popularly known as ‘okada’ in Nigeria.

You can watch the video HERE.

Sucess Adegor last year was almost on every top media sites as that viral girl who was pissed off because she was sent away from school why? she has not paid school fees.

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