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“All my exes can’t afford to be where I am” Dj Cuppy reveals

In a recent development, DJ quote has thrown some heavy shade her exes way.

Taking to the X platform, she revealed a specific reason why she does not run into her exes. She stated that she was unable to run into most of her exes because they cannot afford to be in the same space that she is in.

In her words, she says,

“I never run into my exes. They can’t afford to be where I be without me.”

Now recall that back in January of 2024, DJ Cuppy had announced her six major plans for the year. The unproblematic personality revealed that in 2024, she was going to be her softest, healthiest, prettiest, and most successful version.

Also, in January, she had also revealed that she was going to give the gym a new chance in 2024. She further humorously compared the gym to her previous relationship as she stated that she was ready to give the gym as much chance as she had given her ex.

Now today, following her statement that most of her exes could not be where she is, netizens could not help but bring up conversations surrounding her famous exes Ryan Taylor and Asa Asika.

However, some netizens argued that Asa Asika was just as rich as she was and could potentially be in the same spaces with her.

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