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“You hurt the entire Muslim ummah” Actor Ali Nuhu demands apology from Davido over controversial video

Ali Nuhu cancels Davido over controversial video disrespecting Islam

Nollywood actor, Ali Nuhu has reacted to the trending controversial video of Singer, Davido’s signee, Logos Olori which has caused tons of backlash.

Taking to his Instagram page, Ali stated that he just came across the video, which he found totally unacceptable to his religion.

According to him, though entertainers want to be creative in their various fields, however, they should learn to respect other people’s religions, cultures, and traditions.

Ali Nuhu demanded Davido pulls down the video and apologize for hurting the entire Muslim ummah.

“I just came across the controversial video posted @davido as much we want to be creative in our various fields, we should learn to respect other people’s religion, culture, and tradition. This is totally unacceptable in Islam. You should pull down that video and apologize for hurting the entire Muslim Ummah”.

Ali Nuhu cancels Davido over controversial video disrespecting Islam

Davido faces backlash over controversial music video

Kemi Filani reported on Saturday that Davido, via his social media pages, had promoted the music video of his new signee, Logos Olori.

However, the video didn’t sit well with many, as some internet users accused him of disrespecting Islamic beliefs and practices.

The controversial music video in question features Logos Olori’s new song titled “Jayelo.”

The video, which was shot in a Mosque-like scene, depicted scenes where some men in white Jalabiya, were observing prayers. After the prayers, the men switched to dancing as they recited some Quranic verses and prayed.

The artist, on his part, imitated the Muslim style of praying while perched on the roof of the building.

Many faithful Muslims had deemed the video offensive and had taken to social media to drag him.

To them, prayer mats hold deep religious significance as they symbolize the sacred act of Salah, a divine connection with the Almighty. As such, any action that could be interpreted as disrespectful or mocking of this holy practice is considered highly offensive.

Some urged Davido to take the video down and apologize, while others expressed their concern over what they perceived as a desecration of sacred elements.

Davido reacts

In what seems like a response to the backlash, Davido took to his Twitter page to further promote the video.

Davido stated in one of his tweets that he didn’t want to fight.

“I wan make u show me, make we no dey fight”.

In another tweet, referring to his song ‘Unavailable’, Davido stated that he is yet to be unavailable.

“Una know say ‘Feel’ never start Abi? IN FACT ‘Unavailable’ never start!

No choice logos!! Them go feel am!! MEN MOUNT”

Also taking to his Instagram page, Davido sent a message to his fans and followers.

The music star, who has been on tour for days now, shared photos from an event, as he admonished his fans to allow love rule.

“Let love rule”.

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