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Alexx Ekubo, Yomi Casual, IK Ogbonna rock customized “Chop Life Gang” outfits

Alexx Ekubo, Yomi Casual, IK Ogbonna

Nigerian celebrities, Alexx Ekubo, Yomi Casual, and IK Ogbonna have been spotted rocking customized “Chop Life Gang” outfits together

The three who are known not only for their success but also for their admirable friendship. The trio have yet again served some friendship goals as the share a photo of themselves in matching designer outfits

While Yomi Casual and Ik Ogbonna are captured in the white coloured version of the outfit, Ekubo rocks the black casual shirt as the trio match the wear with matching cap and shoes

Though Yomi Casual and IK Ogbonna are both married and find time to enjoy their friendship and marriage, Alexx Ekubo is searching for his most appropriate wife

The actor who stated very recently that he would love to be a father, was sure to add that he doesn’t belong to the class of entertainers who would be fathers without being married

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