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Alex Unusual returns to social media after a short hiatus, addresses rumors that she ruined AY Makun’s marriage (video)

Alex Unusual addresses rumors that she ruined AY Makun's marriage.

Reality television star and actress Alex Unusual has made quite a dramatic return to social media, months after disappearing from social media.

Alex Unusual’s last post on Instagram before her hiatus was on the eighth of March. She went offline, shortly after rumors started flying around that she was AY Makun’s mistress, and that is why his marriage failed.

In the video Alex Unusual made, she addressed the rumors in her own unique way. The video started with Alex Unusual sitting by the beach, with someone playing a flute. It was a calm scenery that looked breath taking.

A few seconds into the video, a storm of comments from social media surrounded her. Most of them were calling her a home wrecker, while others alleged that she was pregnant, and that’s why she went offline.

After those comments appeared in the video, Alex Unusual seemed to have a panic attack, and was banging some doors, until she saw an open room.

In that open room, Alex Unusual sat down and penned a note to the general public. She spoke about bullying, and how no one was going to take her down.

Alex Unusual also said that she was done hiding from bullies, and even made a thinly veiled threat, in which inferred that anyone who bullies her would face jail time.

The most unique thing about Alex Unusual’s video is that she didn’t directly address the matter concerning her pregnancy or dating AY Makun.

She didn’t talk about any of the aforementioned issues, as she focused more on bullies, and the prospect of reinventing herself.

AY Makun himself is yet to address rumors that Alex Unusual is his mistress, and she got pregnant for him.

Alex Unusual has had her own fair share of troubles, ranging from her failed relationship with Tobi, and her never ending beef with Ceec.

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