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Alex Unusual rain curses on a hospital for delayed treatment on Rico Swavey

Following the heartbreaking video of Rico Swavey making rounds on social media, Alex Unusual has rained causes on a hospital.

Kemi Filani news reported that Rico passed away on Thursday, 13th October after being involved in a ghastly accident along the Lekki-Ajah expressway.

In a video making rounds on social media, Rico Swavey, who was indisposed, was seen sitting on a chair while receiving oxygen as the nurses contemplated how to move him into the Intensive Care Unit.

In the video, one of them, who wasn’t pleased with the actions of her co-workers recording him, while he was battling for his life, had chided them.

Alex noted how he was in critical condition, yet they were more concerned about making videos.

One of them could be heard saying, “Oya, make we carry am now go inside”. Her statement made another nurse chuckle.

Another nurse who wasn’t pleased with their behaviour, said, “His oxygen is 90%. You people should stop making video and let’s move him. Somebody is in critical condition and you’re making videos”.

Reacting to the video, Alex who is mourning her colleague after she penned a lengthy note to him rained curses on the hospital as a whole.

Out of pain, she tagged those working there as horrible people and said she hate them. She asked why they have caused so much pain and asked what money is that they allow the life of Rico slip away.

Alex Unusual post

“My God punish these hospitals that take time to start working on people that are rushed to hospitals!!!

“I hate you all!! You are all horrible!! You’ve cause us so much pain all for what?

“What is money that you let lives go like this by stalling? I HATE YOU!!!!

“You all deserve hell fire! The hottest and most wicked corner”.

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