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Alex Ekubo’s ex, Fancy Acholonu, speaks about getting married as she reveals what social media did to their relationship

Alex Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu

Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo’s ex-fiancee, Fancy Acholonu, has revealed her intentions to get married after publicly apologizing to her ex for subjecting him to ridicule on social media.

Kemi Filani earlier reported that Fancy Acholonu rocked the internet with details of what led to her breakup with Alex Ekubo after they had announced their wedding date online.

Fancy Acholonu apologized to Alex Ekubo for not properly clearing the air on their break-up and letting the media misconstruct her statement.

This was after Fancy Acholonu called off their three months engagement in August 2021, a few months before their anticipated wedding in November.

Moving on, Fancy Acholonu took to her Instagram story to engage her fans during a question and answer section about her life.

While addressing the impact of social media on her relationship, Fancy Acholonu claimed the internet had nothing to do with her breakup, stating it was beautiful and fun showing their love on the internet.

She also revealed that she would love to be a wife and mother of kids someday as she is tired of being a ‘baby girl’.

“Definitely I believe in marriage I would love to be a wife,

The baby girl life is not for me lol it’s the happily working mom and life I desire + a dog and pet monkey.”

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