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Alex Ekubo reveals the greatest gift of man as he shares rare family photos



Alex Ekubo shares rare family photos

Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo has left many drooling as he shared rare family photos.

The movie star, who keeps his family private, took many by surprise when he posted several photos of his family members.

Captioning the photos, Alex Ekubo shared a powerful message on the importance of family.

He stated that family remains the greatest gift known to man and admonished his fans to love theirs.

“Family remains the greatest gift known to man. Love yours”.

Alex Ekubo shares rare family photos

People are losing friends and family” Alex Ekubo laments the loss of family and friends

Months back, Alex Ekubo had lamented the loss of family and friends over political feuds.

The 2023 election had left many divided over different choices of a political candidate, with Tribalism and bribery being the major root cause of the division between friends and families.

Alex Ekubo took to his Instagram page and shared the importance of keeping families close in times of need.

The exceptional actor noted that friends and families are the ones who respond in times of need and not the government.


People are losing friends & family over political ideologies.

Just remember that whenever you are in need & want support, you will need friends/family & not the government.

Shalom. May God Bless us All.”

Alex Ekubo shares rare family photos

Hilarious conversation between Alex Ekubo and his mom that got many people laughing hard

Last year, Alex Ekubo shared a hilarious conversation with his mother, requesting a gist.

In the chat, Alex Ekubo’s mother had asked his son for an update on something they had earlier discussed, and the actor reacted, teasing his mom about her love for gossip.

Alex Ekubo’s mom jokingly teased him that his head looked like his father’s, and Alex objected to giving his mother any gist until she apologized.

Irrespective of the apology, Alex Ekubo dashed his mother’s hope, saying he would give her the gist when God had ministered to him.

He captioned the post: My mum is my number 1 gossip/gist partner, pls see the time this woman of God started hustling me for gist. When I didn’t answer her, she sent a voice note praising me calling me sweet names. Mummy if you like call me Jehova El Ikuku Shaddai I won’t give you this particular gist”.