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‘After all my suffering for 9 months, my daughter did me dirty’ Actress Uche Ogbodo cries out

Uche Ogbodo

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo has taken to social media to lament her disappointment over what her 9-month-old baby did to her.

Like every mother, Uche Ogbodo had wanted her daughter’s first word to be ‘mama’, but she was left heartbroken.

A lovely video on her Instagram page captured Uche Ogbodo carrying her daughter while her baby daddy repeatedly asked her to say the word ‘mama’.

However, the baby shunned her mother and decided to say ‘Papa and Dada’.

According to Uche Ogbodo, her daughter did her dirty, and her heart has been broken to pieces.

Uche Ogbodo added that her daughter still betrayed her despite suffering for nine months during pregnancy and nursing her.

In her words: My Bunny Did me Dirty, Her first Word broke my Heart to pieces. After all my Suffer for 9 months and another Nursing her for 9 months, this kinda Betrayal no Suit me at all #justiceformama.

Kemi Filani News recalls that Uche Ogbodo, in the spirit of encouraging women, shared a video of her breastfeeding her daughter.

The actress made the big move to encourage her gender to always breastfeed their babies.

She strongly advised her gender to breastfeed their babies and not grown men.

The actress jokingly took a dig at her boyfriend, Bobby Marris, when she opined that her daughter’s eyes are cuter than her father’s.

“My Bunny has the Loveliest Eyes, even finer than her Papa’s eyes Chai fine eyes will not keep getting me in trouble Abeg

Eheeee! Back to my Advice, WOMEN pls Breastfeed Your Babies, Not Grown MEN”.

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