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Africa isn’t underdeveloped— Rapper Vector

Rapper Vector That Viper has said that Africa is not underdeveloped as many Africans have been made to believe.

In a series of tweets, Vector stated that many of what Africans go abroad to seek are already in the continent.

He also revealed that most of what whites brought to Africa are not all that beneficial to Africans.

Vector tweeted: “Africa is not underdeveloped. Africa can not be understood and evaluated by alien ways. Na why many Dey think say “Agbo” bad but them dey chop vegetable soup.

“Native soul na chemistry before colonialism. Fire na like Bunsen burner to heat the interactions of the “chemical compounds” of nature. Africa is so blessed that before the we knew of the periodic table, we don Dey do chemistry with food.

“Development is development.Dorothy breast not develop pass nengi own. Breast na breast. You understand now?

“You see, That you use a phone now to ease communication doesn’t mean you needed it. You will also agree that there have been very many “verified “ arguments about the dangers of using the said phone. Africa is Africa! Deal with it. Wether you japa or not, It grows regardless.

“You are shouting Africa is underdeveloped but you would rather go and hear white man masterclass about trade secrets when igbo men are doing it every day. Clowns”.

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