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Adekunle Gold defends Dorcas Fapson’s ‘taxify’ rape story

Adekunle Gold

Nigerian Singer Adekunle Gold, has responded to critics of MTV Shuga star, Dorcas Shola Fapson’s taxify rape story.

His reaction is coming after the driver, Henry Nnaemeka released his version of the story which got people blaming Dorcas.

He tweeted;

“When someone narrates their ordeal these days, they get bashed and judged and you wonder why people don’t speak up when they are in trouble? I am reading comments on a blog; people abusing Dorcas for making the story up, other animals saying she’s proly dressed indecently. SMH
What happened to us really?”

Recall that Dorcas released videos that show him lock her up in his car and taking her to an unknown destination against her will.

Dorcas insists she narrowly escaped being abducted and raped by the Taxify driver. Thankfully, she had her pepper spray with her and it saved the day.

In the videos she shared to prove she wasn’t lying or seeking cheap popularity with her allegation, Dorcas is heard saying Henry Nnaemeka has locked her up in his car and taken her to a house that is not known to her.

Henry Nnaemeka is seen leaving the car after reaching a destination Dorcas says isn’t known to her.

He later gets back and as he reaches for Dorcas against her will, she lets out a loud scream.

Dorcas used her pepper spray on Henry and added that as she emptied the contents on Henry Nnaemeka’s face, he accused her of being a ritualist.

Her nail broke in the struggle between she and Henry, her phone got smashed, her top was ripped.

Taxify company responded yesterday saying they have suspended Henry Nnaemeka’s account and access to their Taxify platform.

And that their lawyers have petitioned the Nigerian Police and State Intelligence Bureau to take up the matter.

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