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“I hope this incident makes you the superstar you wanted so desperately” – Adanma Luke drags TC Okafor over Junior Pope

Adanma Luke slams TC Okafor over Junior Pope

Nollywood actress and producer, Adanma Luke has slammed Director, TC Okafor otherwise known as TC Virus for chasing clout with Junior Pope’s death.

Taking to his comment section, she expressed disappointment that it is actually true the directors uses the incident for content. She noted how he told his colleagues on set that he came into the industry before JP and was the one that wrote his name for him on his first audition, yet he was playing lead ahead of him.

Adanma noted how the envy and jealousy in the industry is on another level, as she expressed hope that the incident makes him the super star he desperately wants.

“So it’s actually true you now use this whole incident for content. You told your colleagues on set how you came to the industry before JP and how you were the one that wrote his name for him on his first audition now he is playing ahead of you. The envy and jealousy in the industry is on another level. Hopefully, this incident will make you the super star you wanted so desperately”.

Responding to a troll who dragged her over the death, she questioned how someone who buys flight ticket for another, needs to tell them to wear their seat belt or to tell an adult not to distract the pilot. She noted how Nigerians are blaming her for the death but she has had enough of it already.

She added that she knows many will be pleased and it would satisfy their cravings if she is dead.

“If I buy a flight ticket, am I suppose to come inside tye flight and tell you wear your seat belt or is it the duty of the flight attendant. Am I suppose to be the one to tell an adult not to distract a pilot? You all choose to be blame me because it’s Ada but enough of it already. I lost my friends and feel and because it could have been avoided. Once I die you will satisfy your craving”.

Adanma Luke slams TC Okafor over Junior Pope
Adanma Luke slams troll for blaming her over Junior Pope's death

Recall that the tragic death of Jnr Pope on April 10th shook the Nollywood industry. The actor alongside 5 others died of drowning while filming on the river without safety procedures. The movie producer, Adanma Luke had received tons of multiple backlash over her supposed carelessness that led to their death.

In her first public statement, she disclosed that she has been left traumatized over the order as she blamed herself for returning to Asaba as she was supposed to be on that boat with them and her brother’s 2 kids.

She further clarified that contrary to reports, she had provided life jackets for them and revealed that the unfortunate incident still feels like a dream to her, which she hopes she can wake up from.

In another post, Adanma Luke addressed the false allegations made against her as she made it known since their death she has been actively collaborating with the families to provide necessary funds as requested by the gravediggers and fuel for the police officers involved in the search for the bodies.

She noted how she is human and not heartless as she stated that each crew member’s family received agreed amounts and she and her team had arranged the departure of the ambulance from Asaba to the homes of Precious and Friday.

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