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Actress Zainab Balogun brought her mother to tears by doing the unexpected



Zainab Balogun's mother

Nollywood actress and TV host, Zainab Balogun Nwachukwu has brought her mother to tears over the surprise she made alongside her siblings.

The actress shared a beautiful video of herself and her mother, who was obvious of the surprise birthday photoshoot that her children had planned for her.

Zainab Balogun disclosed that her mother was surprised and overwhelmed with the beautifully planned photoshoot for her birthday.

She wrote: Surprising my mum with her first photoshoot for her birthday! My siblings and i had a plan. She lovvvveedd it. Mission completed!

Sharing the photos online, Zainab Balogun penned a cheering birthday message to celebrate her mother’s new age.

Zainab Balogun disclosed how stressful it was to compel her mother for a photo shoot, stating she had to come up with a wild story.

She wrote: I got it from my mama! It’s a real one’s birthday today. We surprised my mum with a birthday photoshoot I had to come up with the wildest story to get her to the studio and she loved it. It wasn’t easy because Alhaja needs to know evverryythaanng

I took her whole face, tenacity and strength. You really can’t tell her something is impossible. She will always find a way. Happy birthday twin!

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