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Actress Yetunde Bakare clashes with a follower that expressed concerns over her waist safety

Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare has clashed with a follower while showing of her off her twerking skills.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, the actress is seen dancing as she twerks with her backside. This video generated several reactions as social media users pointed how she was struggling to get it right.

However, an Instagram user identified at Oninibalogunoluwatoyin, while reacting to the video, urged the actress to be cautious of her waist as she tries a prove what is unnecessary.

Oninibalogunoluwatoyin wrote: Sha don’t break your waist in the name of proving what I don’t know.

Responding, Yetunde Bakare warn the Instagram user to avoid disrespecting her, stating it’s her body and page and whatever she decides doing about it is nobody’s business.

She wrote: Please respect yourself and know what you say to me! This is my page and my body…
whatever i do with it shouldn’t bother you.

Kemifilani News recall that Yetunde Bakare, in a recent social media post, revealed why she does not ask guys for money to buy wigs, shoes, bags and other material things.

According to Yetunde, she is not a baby, hence the reason why she does not ask for materials things. Instead, she asks for money to help her business grow and for investments.

In her words: “I’m not that girl that will ask you money for ‘ wigs, bags, shoes, phones’ etc those are for babies and I’m not vain… I’m the one that will tell you about my ‘Unfinished projects’ Shipping new cargos’ Expanding businesses’ New investments ‘ And if I say ‘ hey bae can I get 5M for a business I’ll be expecting at least 2M trust me if you’ve got me once I’ve got you a million times

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