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‘Posting your acquisitions on social media will soon backfire’ – Actress Victoria Inyama warns Amarachi Amusi and her cohorts

Nollywood actor Amarachi Amusi recently took to her Instagram age to flaunt her new car, and with several congratulatory messages, Victoria Inyama has issued a strong warning.

Sharing the video of herself dancing with the new gift, Amarachi Amusi wrote: Say hello to my new baby 😍💃🏾
Bought if for myself BY MYSELF 😭🥵🥵 with MY MONEY.. all mine ameannn.. I worked for it heloooo😂
I love myself.. I’m proud of myself plixxxx Amara come and kisssss meeeeee😭😂😂💃🏾💃🏾😂

Reacting to the post, Victoria Inyama warned Amarachi and her cohort, who specialize in flaunting their new acquisition online, that such an act would soon backfire.

According to Victoria, there are certain blessing an individual appreciates God for and keeps it away from public space.

She added that if the Government start asking for a tax on some of these acquisitions, celebrities will start ranting on social media.

She wrote: All these things ya’all doing will backfire soon when the Government will start taxing your butts off…
There are certain blessing you thank God for and chill….If Governemt starts stressing, una go start to cry.
enjoy your blessing.

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