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‘The event on the horse has been the reality of our marriage’ Actress Toyin Abraham recounts her fears



Toyin grand entry to movie premiere

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has penned down an appreciation message to her husband Kolawole Ajeyemi as she recounts how she rode on a horse to the venue of her movie premiere ‘The Ghost and the Tout Too’.

Sharing a video of the event on her Instagram page, Toyin Abraham said she was scared of falling from the horse and any form of the revolt of the animal, adding that if anything terrible had happened that day, it would have been epic.

However, the presence of Kolawole Ajeyemi by her side made all the difference as he was comforting and assured company by holding her hand.

Toyin Abraham noted that at some point when she was scared of falling and shaking on the horse, Kolawole Ajeyemi told her not to be worried, and she would calm down till she got to the red carpet.

According to Toyin Abraham, thinking about her marriage with Kolawole Ajeyemi, the horse event struck her mind, which has been the reality of their union.

The mother of one appreciates her husband for his love and understanding, adding he has been calm and assuring presence in their marital journey.

Toyin Abraham wrote: I woke up this morning thinking about this event of this video. I rode on a horse to the venue of the premiere of The Ghost and The Tout Too. I was scared. The height, possible fall and any form of revolt from the animal.

Any bad thing on that day would have been epic! But the presence of my husband @kolawoleajeyemi beside me made all the difference. He was a comforting and assured presence holding my hand.

I was scared of falling, he would look at me when I started to shake on the horse and said, ‘Toyin, ma worry, mo’n di e mu, mo wa nibi (Toyin, don’t worry, I am right here for you)‘.

I would then become calm. But few moments after, I would be back to shaking. He would assure me again. It was same cycle till I got down from the horse triumphantly at the red carpet.

Thinking about it today made me look our union over and over again. The event on the horse has been the reality of our marriage. @kolawoleajeyemi , Oko mi, has been the calm and assuring presence in this marital journey.

I woke up with gratitude in my heart to God and him for being a helping and steady hand in my journey. Thank you Kolawole Oko mi for holding my hand, assuring me along the journey, loving me, understanding me and being an-all round good guy. Thank you, God bless you.

Toyin Abraham