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Actress Sophia Williams reveals how karma dealt with her colleague who offended her 5 years ago

Beautiful Nollywood actress cum producer, Sophia Williams has taken to her Instagram page to tell a story of how karma dealt with her colleague who offended her in 2015.

Sophia who was married to filmmaker, Tchidi Chikere before the marriage packed up shared the lesson filled story with intention to teach her followers on Instagram few lessons about life.

Sophia Williams, a mother of three grown up boys, shared one of her lovely photos and wrote, ” Pls read you might learn something.

So 2015 when I produced my first ever movie, I was so excited and fulfilled, you know that kind of dream come through yeah! So I started pushing it to sell and of course to get my money back n make profit✌🏻so I called, dm, Watssp etc friends, family n colleagues to help me post on their Instagram n Facebook n many did n I was over the moon 🤸‍♂️💃.

So there is this one person who is a friend n a colleague that didn’t post it after I asked. And I really wanted her to post it becos she has so much influence and millions of followers as  my aim is for my movie to sell n do well.. 

So I called her n she said oh I forgot I will post soon! She never did.😩 after 3 days I reminded her again n she said oh my network is bad but she has been posting pictures n videos 🤷‍♀️, I felt so bad becos she is my friend n she knows the effort n everything I have put n all I asked was just to help me repost, Which won’t cost her anything. 

So I let her be when it’s obvious she didn’t want to post it.. and To God be the glory the movie did so well online, tv etc n I got my money n profit 💃 so just few days ago to my greatest surprise this same person called me to say oh Sophia u forgot me, that’s not fair etc and she asked me for a Favour. N it’s so bad that am the only one that can help her out at the moment .. 

I remembered what she did to me 2015 n my little mind said don’t help her n the sweet part of me said go ahead n help her. And the truth is that I will help her ✅
This person will never believe in this life that she will need a Favour from me after 5 years n that I will be the only person that can help her right now. 

Nobody knows Tomorow! This life can be mysterious.. pls people learn from this. Let’s learn how to help, support and lift people up in any little way we can.. nobody knows Tomorow🙏🏽Just thought I should share.”  

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