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Actress, Nkechi pens down heart felt apology note to Juliet Ibrahim.

After wagging war against a senior colleague in the entertainment industry, Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has penned down heart felt apology note to Juliet Ibrahim.

It happened that the two dragged each other on social media after Juliet Ibrahim pointed out that professionalism entails being able to receive a slap on a movie set, for a scene that needed one, without asking the director to cut

The post didn’t go down well with the up and coming actress who unleashed her anger at Juliet, calling her an idiot

As expected, the actress came at her for the response which left her perplexed, telling her that she was in no way her mate, especially with her experience in acting for over a decade

Well, Nkechi who in turn clapped back at Juliet told her that her mates are either dead or frustrated like her, as she took a swipe at Juliet’s relationship and career

Sharing a photo of her most recent enemy on her IG page, she has penned down an apology note about 24 hours after the Instagram drama which read;
Dear Juliet Ibrahim my name is Nkechi Blessing sunday. I write this to address what really went wrong yesterday,Yesterday I was very emotional and i allowed my emotions get the best part of me and I said alot of hurtful things to a fellow woman which i am not proud of so I am here to say I am SORRY to Juliet Ibrahim. Even though she said alot to me herself but that does not matter what matters is I like to let go of my hurt and make peace . I am a woman and well brought up and I should not have let my emotions get the best part of me. I am not afraid of criticism, please i love to learn and i love to be taught by people who have been there before me. But the comment came off wrongly. I felt like i was been talked down on my talent and abilities, and yesterday was not the best day for me as i was dealing with alot myself so all this added to me blowing off but this is not me making excuses but me making peace and correcting whatever wrong impression about me yesterday must have created in the minds of people. Once again i am sorry to everyone who I have disappointed by my actions. This are people that love and have great respect and expectations for me but I let them down. I should have acted differently. Also to juliet Ibrahim I am sorry and I Open my arms for love and peace I hope you will kindly embrace it. We are all women we should love and support each other not fight each other. Thank you all and have a blessed holiday…Cc @julietibrahim

Fans have reacted to the apology with positive vibes eventhough Juliet Ibrahim is yet to react to the apology note
Check out the initial drama below;

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