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Actress Mercy Johnson tells off a “suffering” mom

The responsibilities of being a family woman could be a major factor that contribute to one being a little extra thrifty, however it appears some followers who don’t understand the difference between an privilege and a right, feel celebrities must always give their fans free cash

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson also known as Mama Purity reportedly told off a self acclaimed suffering mother who accused her of not gifting people with cash on her social media platform

The lady who got tired of waiting endlessly for godot, decided to shoot her shot as she called out to the actress

Her post read;

“U no de dash person money i de here de suffer with pikin not happy joor”

Replying the comment, Mercy simply wrote; “I work dear, do the same”

Meanwhile, the actress amongst many other celebrity mothers on social media celebrated mothers day, today on Instagram

Mercy Johnson noted that while her kids call it yelling and raising her voice, she calls it Motivational speaking to the selective listener

She also used the medium to congratulate other mothers in the family game

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