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“Allow me live for the sake of my son” Actress Habibat Jinad pleads, calls out Yetunde Bakare, others (Video)

Jinad slams Bakare

Nollywood actress, Habibat Jinad has called out her colleague, Yetunde Bakare.

The Yoruba actress pleaded with her to allow her live for the sake of her son.

According to Jinad, Yetunde has been badmouthing her and ruining her reputation based on false rumours.

She revealed that many of those who had declared interest in helping and supporting her, have been told not to by Bakare and others.

Calling her out, she pleaded with her to allow her live for her son’s sake and to consider her mental health.

“Pls I just want to live for the sake of my son. I am passing thjs information for my colleagues in the industry. I hear rumours about me in the industry, allow me live for my son.

Consider my mental health. Yetunde Bakare what you did is too much, you have begged me but that thing keeps coming back.

Lots of people want to help me, when they ask about me, you say “no go area”, you spoil my name.

Did I kill someone?”.

In her caption, still begging, she noted how she has fought so many battles but yet, is still standing strong.

“I am begging you for the sake of my son. Please and please,I’m begging you in the name of God. I have fought so many battles and I’m s standing, I have been broken, destroyed, rejected and abandoned but I am still walking proud. Please let me live in peace for the sake of my son”.

Fausat Balogun and Fali Werepe clash

Still on Yoruba industry fight, KFN recalls that Fausat Balogun and Fali Werepe almost got into a clash at Yinka Quadri’s surprise birthday party.

Fali Werepe had infuriated Madam Saje when she countered her at the star-studded party.

A video which surfaced online showed Fausat Balogun, at the event throwing jibes at colleague, Fali Werepe.

Fondly known as Madam Saje, Fausat gave a short speech about the celebrant.

Fausat stated that she has been in the industry with Yinka for over 50 years.

This didn’t sit well with Fali Werepe, as she interrupted her speech with an exclamation.

Fausat Balogun didn’t take Fali Werepe’s side remark about her speech too well as she slammed her.

She noted how she had been in the industry before Fali.

“Fali, I senior you in this profession – let’s say it in public, I don’t talk too much, I am your Oga”.

Fali Werepe, who doesn’t hold any grudge against the actress, said she only called attention to her exaggeration.

“When she said she has been with Yinka for over 50 years, I shouted ahhhhh and I am not the only one who shouted ahhhh. People know when we started filming but we haven’t been in the industry for 50years.

Me and Abeni are friends and we can’t fight but we haven’t been in the industry for 50years”.

Habibat Jinad begs Yetunde Bakare
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