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Actress Evia Simon calls out colleagues who tried to kill her through accident

Nollywood actress, Evia Simon has called out some of her colleagues would do anything to become famous to the extent of putting her if in danger.

In an interview with Vanguard News, Simon while answering questions bothering on her challenges as a pretty face in the entertainment industry, accused her colleagues of going the extreme to achieve their evil plots against her, “Challenges are part of our daily life’s routine. I have faced a lot of challenges in the industry since I started acting. I have had to face a senior female colleague who insulted me for doing nothing on a location. I have had to hear a voice-note of a senior colleague who denied me after she introduced me just because she felt intimidated. I have escaped accidents from jealous colleagues severally. I have also, at different times, being propositioned for sex for a role by a director or a producer. Another annoying challenge in the beginning is the belief by some directors that they are doing you a favour and not paying you for your service. But in all, man is not God. There is always time and season for every one. My low point is trying to prove a point to a director or a producer that I can do this because most of them feel if they haven’t seen you act they find it difficult to believe you can give your best. I have learnt so much, which is believing in yourself and never giving up, no matter the countless times you have to go on and on to get what you really want from the career you have chosen.”

On her relationship, Eva Simon, said, “Relationships are sweet when you and your partner understand each other. Being there for each other, knowing each other’s likes and dislikes and not taking advantage of each other. On marriage The word “marriage” is big because it’s a school you will never graduate from. It’s where two people come together to form a union as husband and wife to become one. So many women go into marriage for many reasons which I find very annoying and improper and they end up breaking up after six months. Don’t get married if you are not mentally and spiritually ready for it; if you can’t trust, forgive, learn. But marriage is sweet if you get to marry your friend , your gist and gossip partner. A lot of women are waiting for marriage to get out of poverty which is very wrong.”

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