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Actress Etinosa Idemudia reacts after Joro Olumofin made startling revelations about her

Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia has taken to social media to react after relationship expert Joro Olumofin revealed the actress was once in his DM saying she loves him.

This comes after Etinosa Idemudia had used the popular word ‘From Joro to Joro’ after her colleague Toni Tones shared an Instagram post claiming they are questions from fans.

Reacting, Joro took to his Instagram page to blast Etinosa warning her to keep his name away from her mouth as they do not have any relationship.

Sharing a screenshot of a message Etinosa had sent to him in the past, Joro revealed the actress was in her DM expressing love to him; however, he’s grateful to God that he did not date her following some advice from friends.

Responding to this, Etinosa Idemudia, in a post shared on her Instagram story, said the term ‘Joro to Joro’ will always be a known slang contained in the Nigerian lexicon, adding until Joro trademark the name, he has no right to rant or fight anybody.

Also, responding to the allegation of trying to date the relationship expert, Etinosa said it’s a makeup story that guys often create about hot ladies they can never get, mocking him to keep dreaming.

Etinosa wrote: @joroolumofin Rest in Jesus Name. The term from Joro to Joro will always be a known used slang contained in the Nigerian Lexicon and until you trademark the name Joro, you have no right to rant and fight yourself. As for the story you have created about me trying to date you?? You just used your own hand to prove the meaning of Joro to Joro. It’s no new thing guys, simps making up stories about hot girls hitting on them. Girls they can never get, they droll and wet dream about. Eww keep dreaming boy, sending you love and light.

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