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Actress Doris Ogala drags Uche Elendu to admit she did liposuction instead of selling waist trainer to gullible followers

Earlier today, Nollywood actress Uche Elendu expressed her concerns over the rate at which people condemn liposuction but engage in other beauty activities.

In a post shared on her Instagram story, the single mother of two said that she sees no difference between those that fix lashes, nails and ladies who go the extra miles to look better by undergoing surgery.

Reacting to the post, her colleague Doris Ogala threw a subtle shade at Uche Elendu as she dragged her, to tell the truth about undergoing surgery instead of deceiving her followers.

According to Doris, Uche Elendu should be proud of the surgery instead of using her waist trainer business to cover up and deceive people.

Doris wrote: I talk am before… some people said I’m jealous of her waist trainer business… I told you my own bestie decieved me…kai. naw… it’s been months of hard work. My sister is the work of this wiasty…killer killgbuogi there.. if you do it…be proud of it..don’t decieve people..mkpi

Some social media users expressed expressed mixed feelings on how Doris Ogala always reacts to Uche Elendu’s social media post.

hoalway wrote: The thing dey vex me. Person go do surgery and she come dey advertise waist trainer

cynthiabrightney wrote: Doris keeps sounding like some bitter troll,she no de carry eye see uche post,expired friendship no be beef haunty. Zukwanuike

ms_unams wrote: I wonder what uche bought from this lady that has refused to let her be😂

meenahlicious_collections wrote: Yeye friendship…once fight occurs, una go dey open eachother yansh

msfavoured wrote: This one is still on Uche’s case and uche keeps ignoring her. God forbid this kind of Ex friends. Doris only comes to the light once she is trolling Uche. Thats the only way to stay relevant. Uche keep ignoring her abeg. Bitter human.

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