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Actress Chacha Eke stirs reactions as she engages her 8-year old daughter in a dance competition

Actress Chacha Eke Faani has got many talking online after engaging her eight-year-old daughter, Kamara Faani, in a dance competition.

Chacha Eke shared a video of herself and her daughter in a dance competitiion from her husband’s birthday party on Instagram and ceelebrities like Destiny Etiko, Moyo Lawal, Ada Ameh, Mercy Eke, Warri Pikin, Monalisa Chinda, Linda Osifo, Adaeze Eluke, Regina Daniels reacted to the dance video with heartwarming words.

Kemi Filani recalls that Chacha Eke had penned down a warming tribute to mark her movie director husband, Austin Faani’s, birthday.

The actress and mother of four shared beautiful family photos of herself, her husband and her children. She appreciated her husband transforming her life and setting her free from demonic bondages.

“As I star in this divine drama called life, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that God is the executive producer of every good thing; and I am thankful to him for all that I have, all that I am, afterall, I am because God is.

God is love. He loves me so much he gifted me Austin Faani.
Tino, you are a gift that keeps giving.
You have given me so much in such a short time. In our 13years of friendship, you’ve taught me resilience. In our 9years of marriage, you’ve taught me essence.

My big break from Nollywood came from you taking a chance on me in your directorial debut. I craved badly for a “challenging character in a lead role, you made that happen…and we weren’t even lovers then. It’s who you are to your friends in general. You make dreams come through. I’m a sucker for intelligent conversations. Your uncommon wisdom was and still is the quality that keeps me glued to you. Tino, You are an enigmatic mystery. Your brilliance has enhanced my brilliance.

Thank You for painstakingly elevating my artistic skills, Thank you for teaching me how to edit my thoughts, edit my life, how to read patterns & connect dots in general. Thank you for being the reason I have extremely beautiful children. Thank you for the awakening. Thank you for being the trigger tool my “Chi” used to release me from satanic/occultic manipulations and damnation that held me down for years. You bulletproof Titanium of a human being. You Indomitable spirit, warrior, saviour, armed with calm as super power. You were made for me. This is destiny. I thank my “Chi” our paths crossed.

As a multi-dimensional personality that I am, only an extraordinary human like you can put up with me. Me fire, You ice

I love that it’s you I’m doing life with.
Ps: I peeked into the future for you, it all worked out …”

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