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Actress Angela Okorie fights bitterly with a follower who called her out for this…

Angela Okorie

Igbo born Nollywood actress and mother of one, Angela Okorie and a non fan have come for themselves online.

The single mother of one who recently delved into music shared a photo of herself and the follower called her out for bleaching.

Sharing the photo, she wrote;

“With my co-workers
We finish our oga today
Our oga is an Aradite
E stingy eeeee kaiiii
After carrying many blocks
Every time he will just pay us 2k
For a whole day
Bia Oga we no be mugu oooo
We just Dey find our daily bread
How can somebody be this stingy
Aka super glue
We no go gree today
U must pay us oooo

Her knuckles and ‘bleached’ skin, the follower commented;

“Those bleaching legs thou”… Angered by the comment, Angela replied;

“idiotic Homosexual talking rubbish, fix your self b4 talking nonsense Back of pot, this page is not for confused empty brain like u, your feminine attitude is irritating already u are a man , act like one make ur fellow man no pay ur bride price chimpanzee”

She went on; “no mind the idiot, he is black like very black and still have knuckles he is looking for attention Imbecile a”

“I no fit ooooo , suffer not a witch to live Na bible talk am , if u talk rubbish when u are supposed to use ur brain I will help ur brain reset”

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