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“The damage you have done to my name is too much” Actress Adewumi Fatai blows hot

Adewumi Fatai

Nollywood actress Adewumi Fatai Shifau has vented out over the level of damage done to her name.

The entrepreneur took to her Instagram page to make several threats as she promised to spill all the tea.

The actress revealed how the person, whose identity remains unraveled, has been badmouthing her before others.

She claimed that the person has damaged her too much and she is ready to speak out.

Threatening to speak out, Adewumi vowed to go on Instagram live.

“Get your coke and popcorn ready is about to be a long film. I need to speak out, the damage you have done to my name is too much. Live video soon”.

A lot of people have different opinions about me and is because of you and your lies. Let me talk to so you can know how bad it is to be spoiling someone”.

This is coming weeks after she shared a cryptic post about friendship.

Adewunmi Fatai threw a shade at those who refused to make friends with her, stating there was no enemy in her camp.

She wrote: There’s no enemy in a Leo’s life. You are either a friend or you are dead.

Adewumi Fatai
Adewumi Fatai
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