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”A huge part of me is leaving” – Bisola Aiyeola cries during her speech at Sharon Ooja’s wedding

It is customary in most weddings for the best friend of the bride to make a speech, and during Sharon Ooja’s wedding, Bisola Aiyeola stood in as her best friend.

During her speech, Bisola Aiyeola expressed how excited she was that Sharon Ooja found the love of her life, and got married to him.

She also recounted how they had shared so many memories, both the good and the bad, which had built their friendship.

Around the end of her speech, Bisola Aiyeola stated that she was happy Sharon Ooja was getting married, but she felt like a part of herself was leaving, and then she burst into tears.

Bisola Aiyeola and Sharon Ooja have been friends for quite a number of years, and they seem really close, even calling each other best friends.

There were mixed reactions from netizens, ranging from awe over Bisola and Sharon’s friendship, down to some who mocked her.


tolanteeno wrote, “Please who can explain what Odogwu Silencer means?”

gabriella_castle wrote, “I pray Bisola finds love soon?”

ms_leemart wrote, “To does saying it an act, am sorry your bad character couldn’t get you to be a friend like Bisola or have a Bisola in your corner. HEAL!”

Ivalodeofabuja wrote, “Bisola has always been like this. When she loves, she loves
genuinely. She’s one person whose her presence always gives me joy.”

pirezprecious wrote, “How many besties she get? Abi bestie don turn title?”

lavefa wrote, “From the comments, it’s obvious a lot of you haven’t had at least one genuine friend in your lives. Sending you all lots of love”

meetehis wrote, “I don talk to Odogwu Silencer, one room downstairs for you”

keri_belle wrote, “Bisola is obviously a genuinely nice person. She’s like everyone’s bestie. Bimbo, Adesua, Sharon. May you get a hundred fold of the love you give, Bisola.”

rantandravegjaa wrote, “I’m wishing sisterhood on every good girl out there”

thefoodnetworknig2 wrote, “I love how soft they are in this clique! My yon no know pass to dey shout ode upandan”

asa.bigjoe wrote, “Most of you have never experienced friendship so pure so you can’t relate…smellos”

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