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8 ways to keep yourself healthy during this period of excessive heat



The Nigerian Metrological Agency (NIMET) has now warned Nigerians to prepare for more hot days and warm nights. It is another way of saying you have to brace yourself up for what is coming ahead.

  1. Drink more water to keep hydrated
  2. Keep a water bottle to remind you to drink water
  3. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks during the period.
  4. Reduce intake of food that are rich in protein because they increase metabolic heat.
  5. Eat a lot of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables
  6. Monitor your blood pressure
  7. Stay indoors between 12noon and 3pm
  8. Take cold baths before going to bed at night

We are advised to adhere to these tips to be hale and hearty in times like this. A HEALTHY NATION IS A WEALTHY NATION

Recall that the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye had already prophesied that there will record breaking temperatures both high and low on the international scene. This is already coming to fulfillment.

One of the major prophecy of Daddy G.O is that the countdown to the end has started. So let us remember that we are already getting close to the end and so we need to watch and pray, to be sober and vigilant.

See more of the prophecies of the great and highly esteemed man of God.


1. Erstwhile stubborn mountains will move.
2. Many people will wake up to realise that their future is not in the hand of any government and as a result a lot of lost ground will be reclaimed.
3. Sabotteurs will be disgraced and displaced.


1. Significant goliaths will fall.
2. Before the end of the year, there will be rays
of hope that all will still be well.


1. This year there will be less fire outbreaks but there will be more floods.
2. There will be misunderstandings amongs nation but no major wars.
3. Pray against assasination attempts globally.
4. There will record breaking temperatures both high and low.
5. There will be a handful of breakthroughs both scientific and medical.
6. The count down to the end has started.