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2023 election: ‘God doesn’t dwell in a broom or umbrella’ Fans continue to troll Toyin Abraham as she steps out to vote

2023 election: 'God doesn't dwell in a broom or umbrella' Fans continue to troll Toyin Abraham as she steps out to vote

Today, 25th February 2023, Nigerians take to poll to vote for their preferred candidates; however, they have also taken to the comment section of one of their favourite actresses, Toyin Abraham-Ajewole to continue trolling her over her choice of candidate.

Kemi Filani recalls that Toyin Abraham took to her Instagram page days back to celebrate as she finally meets Tinubu whom she has been canvassing for. While noting that he shared his ideas and visions with her, Toyin also declared him as the incoming president.

In a new development, Toyin Abraham took to her Instagram page to share a picture of herself in a joyful mood holding onto her voter’s card. Her post has sent a wave of anger into the spines of some Nigerians as they took to her comment section to continue trolling her.

While some clamoured that people leave her alone and focus on the election, others went all the way out to quote bible verses of where God stands.

Fans slam Toyin Abraham-Ajewole for posing with PVC

One Kc Amuru wrote: “Please stop this attack and focus on your preferred candidate because our choices can never be the same.”

Commander Ambo wrote: “After this election make we sha no hear kinikan is out on cinema abi Netflix ooo”

Officials Mart Eagle wrote: “our case will be like that of Desmond Elliot, Nigerians will never forget unless you won’t release another cinema movie. I can’t believe I have been supporting you and defending you on CP page. Never again.”

Yemi wrote: “Y’all shuld leave her alone nah Sebi nah her vote🤝make una vote for person way una like 👍 all this insult no make sense at all everyone as the right to vote for any candidate they like omo Nawa for una oo”

Apple Prep wrote: “All of u here attacking her hope u re attacking from the polling unit..leave people alone go n vote for ur candidates what’s this nah….obidient victory is ours..plz let’s just focus”

Jumoke wrote: “Sha no try release any movie for cinema because na emilokan go watch am”

Prisy Fav wrote: “God does not dwell in a broom or umbrella, He dwells where two or theee are gathered. Matthew 18:20 Vote PETER OBI”.

Moredot Designs wrote: “ote who you like,but just so you know your coming out during #endsars was clouthchasing, Nigerians made you, fans made you, it was your fans who loved you and gave you the name you using,the name that as made you important to this politicians You’re campaigning for without remorse, yes it your life,your vote your choice, but you owe that child under the bridge a better Nigeria because he was the first screaming your name be4 tinubu heard you were loved, so whatever your choice is I hope deep down it not just selfishness. plus I think bukunmi your colleague left you a message for you”

Ayoola wrote: “Tell us 2 idea wey tinubu share with you Alakada Baby politics”

Olaoluwa wrote: “It’s so sad you were well aware and online during the end sars protest crying mumu cry online here still yet you can still vote for such party in the name of tribe SMH 🤦‍♂️ well unfollowed successful I pray you ripe what you sow”

Adunni Glams wrote: “Abegi you all should stop insulting her ,, it’s her choice I mean u can’t condemned her for choosing what she want 🙌 abegi let’s end the insult”

Supa Davina wrote: “Why will her choice be your problem? Why the curse and the hate? Her choice her right. Nigerians, know this and know peace.”

One Jen_Xly however wrote something contrary to what her fans think. “Why I’m I having a feeling that this woman will Vote for Peter Obi😂😂 polities nah scam.”

Toyin Abraham reacts to news of her demise

A few weeks back, Toyin Abraham took to her Instagram page to debunk news of her demise after a vlogger inscribed a “R.I.P” on Toyin Abraham’s photo.

Sharing a screenshot of the post on her verified Instagram page, Toyin Abraham decried the level of bullying since she announced her support for the All Progressive’s Congress presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.

She wrote: It is no more Democracy if you don’t allow people to make their decision freely. Everyone can not see things from your own angle ONLY.

Bullying, harassing and threatening people’s life because they disagree with you on personal choice shouldn’t be encouraged at all.

Why would anyone put this out there? Why? Why should anyone wish others bad because they made a different choice? Why?

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